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Mark Jack Mark Jack
Assistant Professor of Physics

108 Jones Hall
Tel: (850) 599-8457
Email: mark.jack@famu.edu

Ph.D. Physics - Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany 2000

Theoretical and computational studies in:

  1. Exciton generation, charge separation and charge transport in organic photovoltaic cells and related biological systems and materials.
  2. Electrons on a curved manifold: Electronic and optical properties of nanoscale toroidal quantum ring structures.
  3. Quantum control: Manipulation of optical excitations and transitions in carbon nanotube rings. 4. Carbon nanotubes, nanorings and graphene with attached biomolecules for biotechnology applications.


Lewis Johnson
Charles A. Weatherford
Halina Niculescu
Joseph A. Johnson III
Ronald L. Williams
Elliott A. Treadwell
Kalayu Belay
Richard Appartaim
Mogus Mochena

Keith Jackson

The faculty, staff and students in the dept. of physics conduct research in over 40,000 sq. ft. of space that houses state of the art equipment. The faculty investigators have received nearly $40 M in federal and state funding to support their research activities.

I'd like to invite you to consider the persuit of graduate degrees in physics, particularyly the Ph.D. degree

Dr. Keith Jackson, Vice President of Research and Professor of Physics.


Charles A. Weatherford

The Florida A&M University (FAMU) Dept. of Physics is in the midst of a period of rapid progress. A new Ph.D. program, in addition to our existing B.S. and M.S. programs, in Physics, started in the Fall of 2001.

The research facilities and productivity have expanded at a rapid pace since that time. Undergraduate and graduate student support, including tuition support, is available for qualified students.

Dr. Charles A. Weatherford
Chairman Department of Physics.